Instagram Artist Janine Medlin Charlotte, nest, beach, Painting, Commission

"Of all things, music (art) is the most frivolous and the most useless. You can't eat it, you can't drive it, you can't live in it, you can't wear it. But your life wouldn't be worth much without it."Rich Mullins, from An Arrow Pointing to Heaven

"Search" 24x24

- Providence Gallery, Charlotte, NC:

- The Atelier Gallery, Charleston, SC:

- Cecil + Finch, Atlantic Beach, NC

- ArtHouse Charlotte Art Consultancy, Southeast United States

- Sunshine Village Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA

- Frameworks Art Gallery, Marietta, GA

-Biltmore Designs, Charlotte, NC

- All Through the House, Winston-Salem, NC

- Slate Interiors, Charlotte, NC

- Cotswold Marketplace, Charlotte, NC

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Work not represented by a gallery may be seen at the studio by appointment Janine Medlin 2015